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When you meet the moment… the moment will meet you

In the dashing delight of getting more rest in my internal and external life I am acquainted in meeting moments…

Moments of being
Moments of rest
Moments of stillness
Moments of wonder
Moments of magic
Moments of surrender
Moments of encoutering
Moments of serenity

Take, feel, wonder and experience your moments. Each moment is one

Love, Irmgard

Deep insight…

What an accomplishment. It took quite some years but what a relievement having such an insight. Went deep and peaked high to feel, learn & live this…🙏

Love, Irmgard

Turn that fire on!

Turn that inner fire on…
Be miraculized by your inner dashbord

– Of potential
– Of dreams
– Of passion
– Of a masterpiece: called your unique soul (drive)!

Unleash that potential, make your inner dreams come true and live a dashing soul life. Filled by your own authentic means, your highest potential and your unbelievable unique talent…

I believe in you! I believe in your soul!
Start believing in yourself. Your soul self!

Love, Irmgard🔥🔥🔥

Be tremendous abundant to yourself. This is not a matter of doing, trying or achieving…

Be tremendous abundant to yourself. This is not a matter of doing, trying or achieving. It is in fact a cause of the heart. The heartful feelings you have towards yourself. The most carrying part, the soul part, withholds an enormous abundant scale of resilience, of possibilities and potential. The moment you are able to open this inner wealthiness you can shower your being with the overflow. The abundant wealth of the universal energies.

Love, Irmgard

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