The riddle of my soul

The floating memories of the heart
Keen on wherever it goes
Everyone has a beginning and a start
This riddle is not about heroes

Every heart and soul carries its pain
We point fingers, judge others, reject them
Saying this without vain
I was once in Jerusalem

No thorns so thick
No veil so bright and full of layers
It’s the veil what apparently stick
At the end: we are all soul players

The major role we have to dive in
Is already set and no one is excluded
Even when you have a sin
You are on board too, sheltered and hooded

We are all in the life game
The universal playing game of evolution
The puzzle falls in, we go all deep, no one to blame
Awakening is an absolution

My sigh is deep now, the Ark is full
We are heading forward
The path is never dull, we all feel the pull
I can keep going on, giving more words

The clou of this riddle is
Accept, surrender, forgive and trust
Life isn’t a short synopsis
It’s yours. Feel the glow, the sparkling, feel the wonder, just adjust

Love, Irmgard

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