Divine female self-love

The mirroring concept of being highly recommends us and pokes us every time to dive inner wards, deeper and to search in feelings what is felt, lived and remembered deep down on soul level. The misconception of the same being is that we always think we are there, slightly going to one on or another destination and ploughing into our humanly self to asking ourselves what is the place I will be? What is my destination? When will the utter of life be transformed in goodies or a proper destined life?

The answer is deniable, negotiable and even disputable too. There is nothing like a destination, goals to be reached or heavily promised gardens to reside in. Life is all about finding your way in the discovery of your soul self, learning its evolving lessons and being in your existential true worthy self as it is potential possible.

The only fact I know is diving deep in my existential meanings, processes and ‘souly’ self is that the hiccup of the humanly myself is that I ever wanted to be at a destination. All processed out and clean like a simple birdie just unsprouted of the unveiled egg, the shell, and soaking breath in whilst my re-birth is a fact.

This is and was a big misconception and every step I take, each move I made was all not to satisfy my mind self but my dear soul self. I have no vision, no horizon and I surely do not know where to go. This might be a misconception too as the universe supplied my with a visionary third eye and I sure know, clair know, where I am going, what is going to happen and what to step to take. All guided by my heart and soul.

I am no prophet nor a keen visionary, I am just a plain girl who is about to learn to take care of self and whilst my introduction to this reasonable piece is set, I just will come to the clou of this blog. The focus upon self is not where I am going, with whom on my side and certainly not attaining and striving forward to the need to know what my purpose in life is. All starts with the basis. The basic reliance and connective string with the inner being. The bond between the heart and soul. Backed up by the mind. As an alliance for the long term but blindfolded and taped as the minds universal knowledge is nihil. Nada.

So set in my existential truth I am learning to be basically happy and loving. This is not a contribution of myself. Oh no, I get help from the sourced well and all its guides and helpers what are taking care of me. My Spirit team and the universal guidance what is around me. As I was laying on bed this morning I heard a France female guide (she is very extravert and flamboyant) saying ‘it’s about moi, moi and moi’. My instant thought was (and I said that to her) that is rather selfish isn’t it? And she replied ‘no, self-love and self-care is never selfish. It’s a basis for being and you have to take care better for yourself’. As I see Elena (Maria Magdalena) again more and the more they were close to each other and swirled around. As I always like a good spiritual & universal talk, input but also a show too they said ‘we are here to help you to love yourself and to cherish yourself more. It is the basis of all being(s)’.

They went on and explained ‘the moment you can love and cherish yourself your divine feminine will start to grow and you will see yourself on a quite different level. Also your perspective will change as in the softening of your evidential, existential truth lies the compliance and connectiveness with others. You can’t drive yourself further on your masculine energy as the world is so desperately needing the feminine, soft, energy to transform the needs of humanity on an energetic level towards another transcendental sphere. Loving deeds, loving gestures come form a soften(ed) heart and you rfemale role here is of a changer, a contributor and a light bringer. That’s why we are swirling around you in order to get your deep soft love, feminine love, back. That’s the plan’.

As we are all set in our unique residential soul-self there is no standard way, there is not any common path nor a lead what brings us all together back to our basically self. It is your unicity, backed-up by all that beautiful, helpful spiritual souls, the guidance, your team with helpers and guides, to bring you home to your divine, soft, female energy. And that sweet souls… resides and lives in us all.

Love, Irmgard

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