The algorithm of life

Everything has an algorithm. Every step you make, each breath you take: it is a sequenced rhythm. Every move you make is an algorithm to the next move. See it as all steps you make to be intended, living and feeling alive.

Facebook also has an algorithm. It uses it on a mathematical and commercial way. The more moves your page or group makes the more you are seen. Will be showed to. If people just scroll your material you heartfully make, like I intend to do, away or swipe it with one movement (see it as their swiping rhythm) Facebook is like a terrible place to show and prosper your (internal) hard work.

As I figured it out why almost no one reacted anymore on the posts (I am not a visionary) I had to conclude that my work isn’t showed but also doesn’t pay itself of until now. Grumpy as I was, tired of all the life processes and a stomach what hurts everyday I asked to the universe whether I should find my own path and leave Facebook as an almighty forum what only settles those who pass the computer programs of their existential rhythm.

This does not comply with my soul rhythm, I thought and was about to think. Would I quit this almighty self-proclaimed platform or shouldn’t I? The answer was very clear. As everything has its own algorithm in life it does contribute to my rhythm. It makes me write and post, draw and share and with each step I make on behalf of my heartful soul self I shape my own rhythm of life. It apparently isn’t a matter of being showed to. It clearly is a way to express myself and pass the words through what I am allowed to receive.

Facebook doesn’t set the standards, they aren’t so almighty as they might think. As all has its plan of itself… even a computer algorithm does not exclude me, the words I am allowed to channel nor the foreseen path. This is not a complaint against Facebook. Let them rule the almighty path they are about to walk as an almighty self-proclaimed holiness and goodness.

The words, the texts, the intuitive manner I am allowed to work (all by passing the energy through the beloved soul) will find their way someday. However, this is just a step on the staircase of soul expression, soul evolution and soul living. This does not compel or excel even not tell anything about the capability of my soul and its goodies.

I won’t let myself down by extracting myself of the big sea of internet, not the Bermuda triangle called Facebook as all will step forward and rise as it is meant to be. It is not a blockade nor a limitation. Facebook is just a step. Perhaps a step in the unseen, in a hidden algorithm, in a world I do not match, do not understand and certainly doesn’t set my ego button on. I am me and I do it my way. By each step I make, each breath I take, by every post I make and share. That is my rhythm. For the now… My algorithm of life.

Love, Irmgard

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