You can enjoy and be happy with the small things

The magical input of the universe is a natural quality everybody is capable to receive. In the strive to connect with self and becoming whole nobody is excluded to listen to the energetic frequencies the universe is serving to us. Once supplied with such a natural state of being it can or might be quite a challenge to actually start listening to the ‘voice of the universe’.

It costed me several years to listen well and to surrender to the universe and the outcome. My soul is able to translate the energetic resonances into words and that is fabulous. It just shows me my leads and I am the one who choses what to follow. I am always supplied with something called free will and that makes us (me and the universe) a life bond, a commitment, for eternity.

During my quick snap moment drawing myself into stillness to start listening I am able to see my soul. Often it is showed in a prismatic energetic flow full of a beautiful spectrum of colors (the rainbow), like a diamond what shines deep down in the spelunks of my heartful surroundings of my being, or like a flower which petals are growing and blossoming. It depends of how they will show it to me. Mostly it is a combination of words of magical instream, visions and clair hearings. Last months the smelling also starts to show itself and the colors also come in.

I feel that the burden of the tsunami of universal wealth what unleashed itself in June 2017 has transformed in a sustainable contributive asset of my being. I can manage it at last and it costed me process after process, being tested (it seemed never ending) by the universe to the source of my being. I went from up to down and reverse. It is integrated now being high sensitive and being connected with that silver cord into the source of all what is.

Meanwhile I expelled and excelled into the streams of the universal wealth and I became one with self. Whole and authentic to the bottom. Being okay with self with my dualistic sides being light and dark at the same time. As all is assembled in our humanly bodies. I am not chosen, I am not one of those 144000 workers in the light… I am just me. Irmgard. Plain and simple and that is what I stand for.

Grabbing myself together last years I am also learn to stand for myself. Filling my own energetic space. Being navigated on behalf of my soul I am supplied with the eye of seeing through as said. I can see through. Through masks, keeping up the appearances and even the best acting people will be screwed back to their source, unconsciously by my silver lining eye. Most people are not fond of me because they never know what I really see and know about them. I scares the shit out of them. But the fact is I only meet people on source level when I want so. If I don’t… when information comes in I leave it and ignore it.

Let’s be honest… I really do not want to know your preferences on your personal account. Spare me! So back to the grab and snap moments of stillness of being. Yesterday I saw my inner diamond again, well they just showed it like that. It was dusty and its shininess was covered by mist. Instantly I realized that I worked too hard and the sparkle what drove me had almost been vanished away. I saw myself carrying all that balls, juggling like a circus artist on an one wheel bike. The balance had vanished away and it seemed like I was the mist of my former self. I heard the words: “do you need to carry all that balls? Can you skip some to get more grip and balance on your situation?”

Seeing that dusty diamond I had been polishing so hard for many years… it was a pity to feel and see it like that. The words came to me “can you do things what make you happy to make your soul shining again”. My head started to think about that big bucket list I never wrote named the never lived bucket full of unlisted things. My head spinned… Maybe going on a holiday, to a warm resort doing nothing and just be-ing into nothingness with myself. That sounded great! Again I heard words “it doesn’t need so big. You can enjoy and be happy with the small things. By just sitting and having a cup of coffee and just be”. Once again they hit a crucial aspect of my being. It doesn’t need big, far nor extra-large indeed. Just the tiny things make life agreeable. And give the balance. Like writing and having a cup of tea next to me and sharing my soul goodies to the world. Being balancing and up to a sparkling soul again. That’s what intend to do…

Love, Irmgard

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