Choose with your heart & soul

Being accomplished and sustained (submitted) whit several universal skills this morning I was able to draw myself into stillness again. More likely it’s the universal will what sets me to pull me back into self. Called a meditative moment. Be reasonable… getting too much distraction every time (some might give a name Attention Disorderly Distracted although that is my explanation) is rather a challenge. Sitting quite in understanding and connection with self is more a think do than a feel do before launching myself in the Alpha or Theta state of being consciousness.

So I sat on the couch this morning… this week almost each day. As I am on holiday. Sitting in tranquility, quietness and going from bed, bank, dish to bath and back. A comfortable, agreeable and necessary vicious circle. I can be in and out just like that and once surrendered I dived into an easy peasy meditation state. Mostly of those times it is as I climb a staircase down to my inner self to be awaken (and acquainted again) in my own truth.

In the ignoring kind, my humanly part, I do not give much attention to meditation, meeting my guides or Spirit team. It’s fine just the way it is and I feel that the moment I start committing myself to take advantage of the connection, connection with my silver lining, more with all what is and then mostly with my Spirit team that things will go flowing, take a leap and will adjusted into an universal gear I can’t imagine. But I am me. I think it’s okay how it is now. Let me just be… me. I have no expectations anymore, no big wishes nor challenging dreams.

So I went down and I entered ‘a cave’ all glittered and shining with gems. One gemstone brighter glittering on the wall than the other. The guide who walked beside me said “you may look to the gemstones but you are not allowed to take one. It is just there to be seen. It’s the gloss, the shining and the colorful aspects of your soul”. And we went along a small tunnel all covered with the most beautiful shining stones I ever saw.

At the end there was a room and a huge glossy diamond lay there on a pedestal. Quite surprised as I was noticing such a huge diamond the guide told me again “you can look, touch it but not take it. It is your soul. It isn’t yours. You are supplied with your soul but it is not yours as it reaches beyond your humanity. It is eternal and belongs to the astral realms”.

The guide told me that I had been polishing it very hard, tenderly too and I managed to peel almost all layers off it and he emphasized that I worked hard. Very hard. The universe and also my Spirit team was delighted about the progress and their enchanting was hearable and to be felt. I replied that I worked hard indeed but that it was okay. I had lived and conquered myself, took my challenges (and still do) and I know that it is all for the best. Soul best.

The guide continued and said to me “because you worked so hard you can start choosing between three choices”. The universe isn’t the universe as they constantly reward you for the hard inner work. Some might say this are coincidences, synchronicities or just plain luck. But I know better. I experience on a daily level that the universe has magic, magic in her energetic veins and magic in her hands. Believing in this magic, I am a magical storyteller, I live in my own fairy tale book. All supplied and foreseen by that same willing universal (good).

Delightedly stepping forward into the shining light showing the horizon it told the guide… I can feel and see the three different choices but I can’t see their content. The guide replied me “can you trust on the universe and surrender to it that you make the right choice by stepping forward on your path and follow further with you beloved heart and soul. As you use to do”? And I replied: yes, I can nevertheless you know me always wanting to see a glimpse of what it is all about and they showed me glimpses. Just fainted shades of what was behind the lighted veils of the horizon.

Instantly I saw green in the middle. My heart raised and started to glow. As being in the quiet nature without distractions is my ideal and idyllic space to be and reside. On the left I saw material goods and I said to the guide: sorry but that is not what I stand for and long for. That time, period of my life has been. I am plain and simple and you do not fulfill my heart with material stuff so I let it go. Thank you. On the right I saw shining through the misty light a stage. A stage to shine and do the light work I intend to do. Again I said to the guide: thank you for showing but I won’t rise (internally) on a stage. Being busy writing and drawing is what gives me pleasure. A stage never will fulfill my heart. So I choose. For the green, the nature and the stillness.

This is just symbolism. I shall not choose, I just follow my heart and soul. Being in the tranquility of nature is my compliance now where I strive for. My strive for being happy. After being catapulted into my soul belief, soul surrender and on my soul path. Last nine years I did it all. I climbed mountains, dived in spelunks, fell of board and stepped on the soul vessel again. Plugged in and plugged out. Most of all I get a grip on my attunement and that is a real soul virtue. So let me be. Let me be… Quietly… Free…

Love, Irmgard

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