Just be you & shine bright

Recently I read in a magazine that life is all about being meaningfully busy, being purposed and living the purposed you. As a matter of fact there was said that without purpose you better could not exist. I was a bit disillusioned about this statement and that in a magazine what is all about being happy and striving for and living a fully qualified soulful life.

What was meant to say, I would give rather other words to this, that having a purpose is as a red life thread through your existence. That you can take this lead by the hand and follow the leads, the course of this line. As an intuitive cord to be led by. I thought about my own existence and realized that it was not purposed for so many moments, times and mainly on those moments when I was imbalanced and had no clou where to go. Reaching blindfolded to the universe and asking many times to guide me.

As I was not able to listen at those times I mainly was purposed and occupied with something what didn’t make me happy after all or I wasn’t purposed at all. Does this include that it was better to be not than being without a purpose? Isn’t it that life is all about finding your highest good, finding your potential and living the best purposed you? Life can be seen as the earth school and I may fall, I may rise, I am allowed to make mistakes too but also I am also allowed to find my purpose in life. In fact this takes me decades… and does this include that my existential worth is… none?!?

I was completely in shock when I read those lines and thought about someone… Without any signature of himself, finding its way in life, coping with difficulties, it’s longing to be addicted and being addicted to many kind of things. Disillusioned about life itself, humanly self and thinks that he is a loser as so far last years he hasn’t experienced any success. Having no goal, setting no purpose at all, not finding his path, potential nor himself. Is he an existential farce?

No, he isn’t! Not at all. Of the many good hearted persons I ever met he is one of the brightest and most pure souls I know. Better said… feel. His core is so bright, so illuminating and he is so kind… would having no purpose in life make him better? Existential better? The fact that I was shivered by such words, delicately published in a happiness magazine, does not stand on itself. Is he a loser or not is the question? Does he existential does have no meaning at all referring to the lines?

Everybody has a meaning in life. All human beings do contribute to each other as we are all interwoven and connected with each other. Maybe his deeds does not stand on the greatest walk of fame nevertheless his existence is completely contributing by shining, sending its light, showing its light by being himself. Is there no greater good to experience than being yourself? The light always shines through and just being set in an embodiment, being a humanly soul, might be for some of us (certainly seen in the moment and by the moment) be their greatest deed, virtue and purpose all together.

We do not have to shine all big in the outer world as the inner world is bright enough. We do not have all to make big steps in society to be seen. Seeing through and through with my soul eyes… there are so many people who are purposed by just being themselves. Isn’t that what counts? Being just yourself and letting your light shine, illuminate others… just by being you?

Let’s do that all together. Being purposed might be our greatest accomplishment seen by the eyes of society, the standardizations and dogma’s. Be free whatever you might think but you can rather start to feel what someone contributes to (your) life by being their authentic self than all what society expects of us… human beings.

Love, Irmgard

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