Expect nothing and get everything

My inner accomplishments of all the processes I dealt with, worked through and learned my lessons in it is that I do not have any expectations anymore. The whole rationality of life changing and soul conforming processes lie in the strive to let go what is predicted, assumed and dictated by the mind and to go with the flow of the soul.

Going with the flow of my soul you might ask. What the heck she is talking about? Every time I write an article I keep asking this myself too. As no articles are set up, planned or thought about and often on the moment I settle myself behind my laptop I have no clou what I am going to write about. Besides today. The whole day I felt that my blog should be about expectations. Rather having none. That was exactly the issue what was the x-factor of my soul day.

Without giving you lots of details about my process, read learning lesson of today, again was… to keep the mind off, expectations out and let’s go with the flow. Dealing with the soul flow means that you get a grip on my soul self and surrender myself to the actual moment called now, feel in that particular moment and keep all the thoughts out. So even the expectations. A difficult one, I can tell you.

The real go with the soul flow is that you can be as you are meant to be, prioritized in the moment of being and set not your standard on the expecting, the wanting or the getting but to let this go. Into the trust and surrender that everything will exactly enfold, unroll and show itself as it is universally meant to be.

Quite a learning lesson and it is so humanly to expect, have expectations and find this of it of that. The todays conquered mind is that I stepped into the soul flow and surrendered to the moment of this flow. Momentizing in moments and on and on.

There is no greater contribution to your soul, its processes and your soul growth that you can be, really be, in the moment of being without all that fuzzy mind stuff like expectations. It was quite a challenge as so many happened before nevertheless during the day I felt that it was okay. To be so(ul) okay. Expecting nothing and gained so much.

Respect for my connection, an overflow of love and abundance. Even a trunk full of mirroring reflections and insights. With expectations I never was able to feel this and carry this afternoon as it flowed… just the way it did. Thank you universe for another lesson to stay by myself. Loved the way you showed it to me. Expect nothing… and get everything.

Love, Irmgard

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