Welcome on board!

In the eagerness in expanding, exploring and finding my way in the world, the society and cultures I really love to travel. Not the travelling although sitting in an airplane to be catapulted to extreme heights gives me such a nice adrenaline that I wished I had become a pilot myself.

I once was examined as it was my dream to become a pilot in the military I passed two exams very well but my dream failed when I was tested (in the third exam) on the focus. I saw compasses, airplane rotating’s and my brain got so chaotic that my youth dream fell apart. Quite disillusioned I started two years after that debacle at the university to study law and in 1995 I got my bul and I graduated in health law. Also that dream felt apart and I ‘got stuck’ in raising my beautiful three children. All three attuned and frequented with such a silver line that they where born with a silver universal spoon in their mouth.

The travelling became an escape in a very busy family life and once the universe plugged the power supply out of my family life in 2017 I started to travel again in a different way. The Corona stopped this and my frequent flying was reduced to all what could be driven by car within the land borders. Moving from one to another place, selling and buying houses became, all universally guided, my main occupation. And here I am… my body is hurting, my burnout came back and I am disillusioned and depressed about my life, dreams and path.

Being a week off (being off is a big conclusion as my laptop, paint and drawing pencils go everywhere were I go) I drove to the North of the country and told my partner that I was so stuck in self that I had problems to leave my comforted zone. Even for a holiday. It seemed stupid telling this and I realize that it is a huge advantage to be able to go on a holiday with my work, my life and income.

I am not the complaining type, rather a positive soul, but being so tired of all that movement I told my partner that I loved to travel in the past but the harsh years and the Corona spoiled this habit. His answer inspired me to write this online article and he said: “although you didn’t travel psychically you travelled a lot. Internally”. That was exactly what I needed to hear. It was a big eye opener of my day. Last years I did travel. It was the deepest travelling I ever made. I climbed mountains, dived in spelunks of darkness, faced dualities and became so resilient in travelling that I ploughed, sighed and sweated and managed to get rid of, undoing, that backpack of pains, of sorrow and internal resentments.

Limitations, setting backs, painful memories and former life-experiences and deaths passed by as I am able to feel and experience those again and again until there was a tin layer of pain over what is still blocking me, my soul self and soul mission. As this task is so close and nearby… I worked so hard, travelled so deeply that I am almost unburdened, released and unlayered (my heart & soul) and everything happens on the divine timing what is set by the universe. I became the pilot of my soul and I am able now to launch myself in the presetting’s of my foreseen, universal foreseen, flight plan, flight route and universal flight. I am the captain of my soul plane and I invite you to be your own flight captain too and take your course. To fly yourself to your highest potential, your meanings and connective universal heights.

I am a pilot and I will navigate to great heights. There is no (internal) chaos anymore, no distraction and I even can hold the focus. In my silver lining, in connections and in my course. I did travel, I do travel and in that prospection I can navigate wherever I like, with whom I like and with what I like. I am a soul pilot. Welcome on board! I will be your pilot too, your flight attendant and will feed you with all the soul goodies I am able to serve…

Love, Irmgard

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