Magically flowing

The universe asked me recently what kind of year 2023 will be. They asked me “what are you going to feel?” As I am master and pro in shielding myself for decades I am aware that building bricks, walls and fencing didn’t make life easier for so far. In fact it soaked and suffocated me inside whilst pulling outside and showing my internal roots was foreseen. By my universal plan and contract too.

The almighty good isn’t almighty and magic alone as it concerns the prophesy of plans and contracts and it will overload you with magic and almightiness on the moment you are on board of the awakening train. Rather called the emotional, internal roller coaster, and it will let you go deep, steep and showing the highest magical peaks there are.

I often say to my partner the universe shows me her fairy tale book and there is nothing and there is all. Even all in between. Magic certainly exists and it touched me the last years over and over again.

Bricked walls didn’t hold and were thorned down, fences where cut and the universal magical roller coaster showed me moment after moment that there is only one thing what lasts in the naked truth of being your essentially, authentic, self: and that is going to the bottom of self. To the spelunks of being embracing all what shows itself: the dualistic sides of the humanly self and knowing, learning meantime that no shields, no masks and no bricky protection will last once the magical hand of the universe has touched you.

It certainly did. Years passed by and I faced the deep, the depressive and the ugly sides of myself again and again. In the learning processes, the deepening, the clearing of the soul I opened in one thing the most and that is feeling. Feeling in vulnerability. Being so naked that even my skin couldn’t protect me anymore.

Opening in vulnerability might be painful, unknown, scary too… but it makes you in fact a better you. As nothing is hidden anymore, you haven’t to keep all that balls up for yourself and the level of perfection has fainted away there will only be left… the naked soul you. As I experienced on my particular path.

It feels unnatural although it is natural as we are far more an universal soul than a humanly being and in the opening of being yourself the nakedness will vanish away by each step you take on behalf of the soul self. Being naturally yourself means also that you show the world your vulnerability. Just be aware that you always have the universal, magical, backup when you are processing on behalf of your soul (self). You will be helped, carried and setup for what you are about to do here as two legged soul. And… being open, feeling, showing your vulnerability will pay off some day as it will open your potential so much that it will start flowing. Magically flowing…

2023: the year of feeling, feelings and opening/sharing in vulnerability.

Love, Irmgard

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