Happy new soul year!

Are you prepared for 2023? I am not. As I have no expectations anymore, I do not think anything of it and I try to live in total acceptance and surrender… 2023 be my guest!

Still having, living and experiencing the consequences of 2022… I have to settle myself first more in my essentiality, my basis, my authenticity and get some rest to move on. Further on the path of my soul.

2023 is just a few hours left here. 2023: you does not exclude me, you do not push me anymore and the most important thing is I am okay as I am. In the lack of okayness lies the stumbling, the falling, the getting up and in the fierce full attempts to become whole at last… concluding now: I failed. My mission in 2022 failed. I didn’t become whole at last. The final tests were not taken, the universal exams were not passed as I moaned too hard, too deep. About my jump into the new, hesitated to take the challenge and my misty mind elevated once more and again. And again. I got stuck. Feel stuck and invited the universe to deliver me sun, light and lots of (internal) happiness.

Frankly said; I am not there and I never will. Even in the competition, the contributiveness of my soul, in my soul, to my most elevated, uplifting experiences, I have no vision left to think, feel whatever it might be that I am completed. In self, with self and for the soul self. Mission although failed in 2022 here!

Sure, I count my blessings each day. One day I see the light and I am abundantly grateful and the other day… I am soaked in that misty veiled mind and think… Fuck you universe with all your lessons, all your triggers and all you show to me. From the light to the dark and back.

Even on those depressive (the winter blues days) I am grateful. For the unicity of my soul, that tasty cup of coffee and the time what is given once again to do my thing in this overcomplete world with all that lightful souls what shine and do their beautiful thing. Their contribution. That lights my fire even on such cloudy cold winter days.

2023… I do not think in big horizons, great opportunities, best meetings or chances. I see it, live it and feel it moment by moment. Maybe I am a simple earthly goose but the only thing what sets my soul on fire are other things. What reminds of the words I got a few days ago…

“Your temple is your heart and soul”


“If can you can make something of nothing you have gained a lot”

And that is exactly my specialty being throwed four times out of my comfort zone last two years. Speaking about detachment…

With these words I wish you the best for 2023…  Live the best version of yourself, do what you love to do what sets your soul on fire. Seek… what is seeking you and the other way around. All what you need is yours as you don’t search for it. Happy new SOUL year!

Love, Irmgard

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