My goal for 2023

You impossible can’t think yourself happy. Although that is my experience.

In the past I tried:
To buy myself happy… it didn’t work.
I thought status would make me happy… it failed.
A big fancy house, car and garden would make me happy… they didn’t.
I ended up with dealing with, processing and finding the essentiality (me) in life.

Still I depend my happiness too much on the thinking of what makes me happy. The universe showed (the last 8 years) me all kind of experiences and feelings and as a matter a fact I know and experienced how it might work… still the mind comes in now and then..

That is okay for now, we are all humanly after all. But it is a challenge (some moments this is easier than other) to keep the mind off the prosperity of my internal goodies: my heart & soul.

My mind isn’t capable at all to mix its thoughts, conclusions and rationality onto the feelings what It feel internally…

So 2023… I made a commitment to myself that all what I carry out, send out, give, feel and will experience isn’t based on my thinking anymore but will be carried by the feelings of my heart and soul.

Love, Irmgard

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