Positiveness as salvation

A conquered negative mind is a blessing for all and everyone. But most of all for self. The decades I was negative, slave of my own thoughts and life has come to an end a long time ago. I always did find something of it, had a conclusion about everything and my greatest stupid characteristic, a long period of my life, was that I was judging. I had a judgment about anything, everybody and anybody.

In the meantime I forgot to take notice of myself, neglected that same self and I had no clue whomever I was, what I liked and didn’t like and in the pointing fingers to others I wasn’t able to look at my internal being. Seeking it outside myself gave no room to look deep down internally. Like a flight. Just moving away of my essentiality.

Once the universe shook me up things started to change and before that I was conquering my negative mind, the negativity it gave & lived and I was able to transform that former negatively being into a positive one. It moved with falling down and getting up. Time after time.

The years after I learned more about myself, reached my inner self and I was able to look without judgment to me as a human being. The underlaying connection was blank and from that moment I gained insight. The most positive thing I processed in my prosperity is that I do not find anything of it anymore. It is like a salvation into solvation and the unreachable internal positive setting had been anchored since into my wholeness.

I am not there (I never will. That is an illusion) and I still fight battles I won’t talk about, I won’t share. Nevertheless in the meaningless positivity I can handle this in the moment with compassion and mildness. The positive means brought me to sowing, sharing and helping people (on their evolutionary mission) in life. As things take a flight I am aware that everything you sow by the heart & soul in, with and for the (universal) love… will come back.

It is like an abundant flow of a positive enrolment and although the negativity is coming in on multiple different ways I gather the fruits of my positive soul settings nowadays. The mind keeps on coming in too but that is just like using a toilet once you have learned to flush that ‘big hope of humanly shit’ away you know how that get rid of that (negative) mind.

Keep on flushing, keep on going and set that mind of yours on positiveness. As a matter of living. Integrate positivity in your life and bring it to fruition. Pick your loving fruits of what you have sowed and move on. Meantime be abundantly compassionate about your processes, mild into your humanly solvation and be a soul who find nothing of it. Sow, stay positive and grow. Reap after the deep and get along.

Love, Irmgard

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