My heart is my wealth

Sometimes life let you down, it won’t prosper the things you rather like to do nor it shows the potential what makes you happy. Deep down inside that golden inner sun of yours, your soul. This soul is made to glow, to sparkle and to make steps on behalf of its prophesied path. In the mind, life itself and all that things what the universe serves to you lies the distraction.

In a nutshell… this is how I felt yesterday. Dealing with myself, limited by my own standards and beliefs and in the contradiction within myself asking the prominent question “am I happy???” This noticing and realistic leading thread is filling my days lately. There is so much to be grateful for but… you can imagine how this works: I don’t feel it, see it and live it.

Concurring and living in contradiction of my both dualistic sides (that happy glow I certainly feel somedays and that nagging, moaning mind of mines) when I am tired -like I am now- life is about searching for a constant balance between those two. It is like a scale what goes down deep until peak high and one day certainly isn’t the other day this can be quite a misunderstanding and limiting belief about my own happiness.

Feeling myself rather pitiful and envying those times when I was a child that nothing was a matter, a responsibility and everything looked so bright, spacious and full of dreams… I was sending the misleading, depressing, energy towards the universe. Asking myself why I am not happy and the prominent repeating thought why I can’t earn a living with my talents for so far. In the acknowledgement that I wasn’t ready for it either until nowadays I kept complaining and moaning about it.

The answer I received was quite firm, delicate for me and simple on the other hand. I heard the words “TRUE WEALTH IS IN YOUR HEART AND NOT IN YOUR WALLET”. Rather disorientated by such an adequate answer I felt that all I was complaining about won’t settle as the leads were misunderstood.

Life is not about what I achieve in earnings, in my wallet, exploring and exploitating my potential, talents or capacities… Not at all! Life is about the wisdom of the heart, the fulfillment, the achievement of my inner sparkling beauty. That soul of mine.

True wealth is full in fulfillment the moment I start believing in myself, in my connection with self, with that kindhearted heart. It is about that glowing inner wealth carrying in myself and not carrying this in my purse in my handbag or wallet. This knowing, once implemented in my system, sure will make a difference towards the feeling of being happy, happiness and the steps I will make on behalf of the happiest version of my heart.

Love, Irmgard

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