Angel cards

Each morning I start with a short meditation to set my focus (intention) for the day, surround me with light and to connect with my spirit guides. After this short moment of stillness I always draw a card (or more) of one of my favorite angel card decks of Doreen Virtue.

Today I pulled these three beautiful cards what reminds of the fact that I not only do not possess these beautiful qualifications but that we are all supplied with that inner guidance, the clairaudient, claircognizant and clairvoyant possibilities once we connect with self and therefore at the same time with the universal energies. We all have that ability and the moment you bring your being into silence or silenced moments you will enhance this natural quality. It is already there you just have to start feeling with your soul.

In the reset of your being you will experience that there is something bigger than us and in the connection with self you invite yourself into this wholeness of energetical existence. The fact that I was memorized of these beautiful natural abilities I possess I really felt that the only victory I nowadays live is that I am able to withdraw myself at any time into this superb energy to start feeling what not lives inside my human being although rather hearing, feeling and knowing what lays beyond myself in the magic unseen world around us.

I have to emphasize to you that we all are supplied with these natural abilities and the moment you start realizing, knowing and feeling this actual connectiveness with the universe and its sources you might be overwhelmed what kind of experiences you might live, see or discover nevertheless just know that is your own “victory”. As the connectiveness of self gives you the connectiveness with all around you. In the seen and unseen world…

Love, Irmgard🤩

By Irmgard Daanen