Rise like a phoenix

My deepest pain isn’t my lead

My deepest grief isn’t my precaution

My deepest fear isn’t my futurized moment

My deepest wounds aren’t my severances

All I live, all I challenge, all I accept

And all I try to resolve in this life-time

Will ease my burdens, enlighten my path

And uplift my life

All I fear I will carry

All I avoid, will be showed

All I concur, will be beaten

All I challenge, will be raised

I will rise like a phoenix

Nothing can let me down

I am the acceptance of my own being

And I live all what my soul, path and plan will long of me

I am one with the divine

I am a warrior of light

I illuminate others

I am a part of the divine

I am one with the universe

Light my fire!

Sparkle my being

I am light, show me this light

I am love, show me this love

I am ready to rise up and stand for myself

Love, Irmgard

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